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Borderlands 3 is a safe bet for PAX East

March 12, 2019 1 min read

Gearbox Software has acknowledged that its PAX East 2019 panel is an opportune time to lift the lid on Borderlands 3 once and for all. The studio shared some rather unsubtle teaser art earlier today.

I mean, they used the eyes. You don't use the eyes for nothing.

Previously, Gearbox said its PAX panel would revolve around "never-before-seen reveals, exclusives, and surprises." Some of you joked about it being Battleborn 2. We all had a nervous chuckle.

If you're curious what an all-new Borderlandsgame would even look like in 2019, check back on Thursday, March 28. The hour-long panel is scheduled for 2:00pm Pacific. Among other news, there's a decent chance we'll hear about Borderlands: Game of the Year Editionfor PS4 and Xbox One.

Borderlands 3 is a safe bet for PAX East screenshot