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Borderlands 3 is free to play on consoles until Sunday

November 21, 2019 1 min read

Thinking about getting Borderlands 3? Now's the time. Gearbox is running a free-weekend event for Borderlands 3 until Sunday, November 24 at 11:59pm Pacific. Think of all the loot you can amass!

Borderlands 3is temporarily free to play on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One follow those links to hit up the store pages, and sorry, PC players but there is fine print. On Xbox One, you'll need either an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, and on PS4, you'll need PlayStation Plus for online multiplayer. If you're worried about a looming data cap, the game's around 40GB, give or take.

Gearbox also has a deal on the Xbox One version of BL3 Gold subscribers can nab it for $40.19.

Hearing about Borderlands 3's update and DLC plans yesterday reminded me that yeah, I probably shouldtry this game before the year is over. I'm semi-curious (more for the grind than anything to do with the story or characters, to be honest), but I haven't made it a priority yet. Busy times! From what I've seen around the community, plenty of you are having a ball watching those numbers pop.

I'm definitely going with FL4K, though. That's decided.

Borderlands 3 is free to play on consoles until Sunday screenshot