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Borderlands 3 just got a huge patch and more premium DLC

November 10, 2020 1 min read

Did you blink? Well you missed the announcement that Borderlands 3 was getting more DLC.

It's a second season pass actually, and the first part of that pass is out in the form of the Designer's Cut. We reviewed it! You're basically getting a new mode and four new skill trees: so your mileage may vary. Gearbox has a patch to go along with that DLC, which brings about a few changes to the overall framework of the game.

First up, Mayhem 11 is in the game, as well as new anointments for the fourth skill trees: all of which should help the never-ending chase. Other small tweaks including "updating some loading screen tips for clarity," as well as optimization of the game's memory and UI, and several bugs like photo mode crashes.

Zane's Hitman tree has also been changed (Death Follows Close and Seein' Red have swapped spots), with Seein' Red getting +15% kill skill bonus. The Under Cover Tree (Confident Competence and Distributed Denial were swapped, with gun damage buffed from the former) and Double Agent Trees were also messed with (Duct Tape makes Zane immune to his own weapon and grenade damage, nice!). Amara and FL4K got a few small tweaks mostly to adjust anointment interactions, while Moze remains the same.

Gearbox has also finally unveiled the price of the second season pass: $29.99. This will include two DLCs, with the Designer's Cut serving as the first half. I'm getting Destiny 1 flashbacks here with the never-ending SKUs on top of the $60 entry fee.

Patch and Hotfixes [Gearbox]

Borderlands 3 just got a huge patch and more premium DLC screenshot