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Brazil of Games: The Best of BIG Festival 2021

May 05, 2021 1 min read

[Destructoid reader Nior put a much-appreciated spotlight on some great games coming out of BIG Festival 2021. -Jordan]

The "Brazil of Games" series was born out of a desire to explore, catalog, and tell the Brazilian game industry’s history and culture. Over the last two years, that’s exactly what I did. From the ill-fated Zeebo to the unfairly reviewedOutlive, I’ve talked plenty about the past, and while there are still more stories to tell, today we’ll look to the future.

The indie scene has been on a steady and healthy growth, and one of the reasons is Brazil's Independent Game Festival (BIG Fes). You can think of it as a GDQ focusing, but not limited to, the indie scene in Latin America. This week marks the start of its 9th edition—and the second edition online because the world is a cluster-fuck right now—and it’s about time I give it the spotlight it deserves for all its contributions to our industry: the chance for developers to get some networking, the showcase of games, the talks, and of course, today’s subject, the awards!

In every edition, BIG nominates ten games for the category of Best Brazilian Video game. So let’s talk about them! Here are the nominees in no particular order!

Brazil of Games: The Best of BIG Festival 2021 screenshot