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Bungie explains what a season is in Destiny 2

October 20, 2017 1 min read

Ever since the day Destiny 2 launched, there have been hints of seasonal content here and there. Scrolling to the clan tab shows off your current clan rank, as well as the associated rewards for the current season. Bungie is at Twitchcon this weekend and its panel on Friday was all about the plans for how its loot-shooter will evolve over time.

The big takeaway message for how Bungie is treating seasons is that it wants to be more consistent in its delivery of new content. Destiny 1 saw an unpredictable smattering of live events, like how the Valentine's-themed Crimson Days showed up in February of 2016 but was absent this year, or how Sparrow Racing League showed up out of nowhere in December of 2015 but evolved into the much more substantial Dawning the following year.

For Destiny 2, the team wants to release new content on a roughly quarterly basis. We're in season one right now, but the stream showed a lot of what to expect when season two hits in a couple months.

Bungie explains what a season is in Destiny 2 screenshot