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Bungie is publishing a physical lore grimoire for Destiny

July 31, 2018 1 min read

Destiny's lore has been a long-debated issue dating all the way back to the beta of the original release. Bungie has some great story bits hidden underneath the cliche in-game narrative, it just so happened that, at the time, it was tucked away on an external website called the grimoire.

For a major production it was an absolutely bizarre occurrence, because the studio could have had people flip through hours of lore with a rudimentary browser and become more invested in the series -- instead, many casual fans who never used the Bungie.net website just missed out on that part of the series entirely. Eventually, they took the grimoire offline entirely. Later this year, it's back (in pog physical form).

Bungie just announced part one of the Destiny Grimoire Anthology, a compendium series of art and lore. The first taste is $24.99 for a hardcover 128 page book (with an in-game emblem for Destiny 2), and will release later this fall. According to the banner still present on the store "When you shop at the Bungie Store, you are helping to support the Bungie Foundation."

Destiny Grimoire Anthology Volume 1 [Bungie]

Bungie is publishing a physical lore grimoire for Destiny screenshot