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Bungie is 'shaking up the solar subclasses' in a big way in Destiny 2

November 25, 2019 2 min read

Every so often Bungie sees it fit to shake up the meta, and that's just what they're doing very soon with Destiny 2 in this post Shadowkeep world.

Taking to their weekly update blog, Bungie notes: "Next Season, we are shaking up the Solar subclasses. We are reworking several ability trees and the Destiny dev team has the details on what to expect when you praise the Sun next season." In line with their previous subclass reworks, solar (fire/sun, basically) is being refreshed with both overhauls and quality of life updates for all three main classes: Hunter (Gunslinger), Titan (Sunbreaker) and Warlock (Dawnblade).

Bungie notes that although each update will provide quality of life changes and some new abilities, it isn't a completely new subclass creation exercise in any case. In other words: it's a rework. Gunslinger is probably the one in the most dire need of change, as the boring "save up your Golden Gun super for raid fights to dump damage" really got old years ago. Bungie is rectifying that by making the subclass less tied to the Celestial Nighthawk exotic helmet, with better stability and ADS speed buffs for landing precision blows.

Dawnblade is becoming more movement oriented, which fits the original fast power fantasy of the subclass. Bungie smartly wants to make it feel like a "flying angel" which should be useful all-around, but anticipates that speed reduction for burst glides are going to be controversial (it will be). Sunbreaker is being overhauled to be more viable in PVP: a contentious dichotomy that Destiny 2 players have been arguing for or against since the series' inception (many players prefer to just play PVE). It's probably the least excessive of all three alterations.

These changes will be happening next season. You can find the full changelog/tentative future patch notes below for all three subclasses.

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Bungie is 'shaking up the solar subclasses' in a big way in Destiny 2 screenshot