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Bungie teases big 'growth' in 2021, hopefully some of that impacts Destiny 2

February 19, 2021 1 min read

Bungie has announced their plans to expand on their official blog this week, with two new board of director additions (one of which is from Viacom CBS) and an expansion of their headquarters.

Bungie explains that they broke ground on an "extensive expansion" of their worldwide Bellevue Washington HQ, which should be finished by the fall of 2022. It'll increase the square footage from 84,000 to 208,000. 

In 2022, they'll also open an office in Amsterdam, and have elevated the following people to new positions: Luis Villegas (Chief Technology Officer), Danielle Porter (Chief Financial Officer), and Don McGowan (General Counsel). Bungie is doubling down on Mark Noseworthy and Luke Smith, who will now "oversee the expansion of the Destiny universe into additional media." So uh, a Netflix cartoon?

Man, that's some NetEase money right there! Speaking of.

We knew this was coming, to an extent. Bungie already announced that they were getting in business bed with NetEase, one of the biggest tech companies in China. We haven't really seen the fruits of that labor from 2018 yet, as Bungie has basically only delivered a scaled-down version of Destiny 2, with more microtransactions than the Activision era, and propelled by the "seasonal" approach.

It's a bombastic missive for sure and a statement to the industry: Bungie has money to spend. Hopefully some of that is put into their flagship game.

Bungie prepares for future growth in 2021 [Bungie.net]

Bungie teases big 'growth' in 2021, hopefully some of that impacts Destiny 2 screenshot