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Can this Fortnite guide make you the next Ninja?

November 04, 2018 1 min read

Fortnite is inarguably the biggest game on the planet right now. Everybody is playing it. Gamers, kids, streamers, children, athletes, tykes, and even some of the biggest names in Hollywood (except for Lady Gaga who, as we found out last night, is more of a Bayonetta fan and that fact alone should get her at least one Oscar next year). Fortnite is impossible to escape, and for me, it's been something of a regular activity on my PlayStation 4, as it's the one game my nephew and I can play together. Well, actually there are other games like UFC and I did buy him Overwatch a few years ago, but this is the only game he seems to care about.

There's just one problem: I am terrible at Fortnite. In fact, I suck at all battle royale games in general. I've never dined on a chicken dinner, never claimed a victory royale, never got whatever you get when you win at H1Z1. I'm just awful and no matter how much I play, I don't seem to get better.

A few weeks ago, a representative with publishing outfit Andrew McMeel contacted us with news of their new unofficial guide for Fortnite. It's called The Fortnite Guide to Staying Alive, and it's available in what remains of bookstores today. As the worst battle royale player on staff, I decided to give the book a read to see if, in fact, I could find a way to stay alive in Fortnite and no longer have to hear the disappointment in my nephew's voice every time I die.

Can this Fortnite guide make you the next Ninja? screenshot