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Capcom is running a PSN flash sale

May 30, 2017 1 min read

The PSN just loves to randomly hold flash sales, and Capcom sprung one on us this morning. It sprawls across the PS3, PS4 and Vita platforms, and deals with a number of Capcom games spread across the ages, from retro to modern remakes.

Highlights include Resident Evil 0, as well as the Power Stone Collection for PSP and Vita,  and several PSOne Classics like Mega Man Legends and Tron Bonne. Sadly a lot of it is relegated to legacy systems -- I really take the ability to log into my Xbox One and download a ton of backward compatible games for granted.

At this point some would even consider the Vita a legacy system. You can probably lump Sony into that equation -- heyo! I wonder how much of this E3 will be Vita related.

Capcom Sale [PSN]

Capcom is running a PSN flash sale screenshot