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Capcom shows a glimpse of Resident Evil 7's 'Not a Hero' DLC

September 21, 2017 1 min read

How do you talk about an epilogue DLC pack without spoiling a relatively new game for potential fans? Earlier this year, Capcom didn't give a flying crap and just spoiled the potential twist ending on their Twitter account. Me, though; I'm going to lightly dance around the fact and warn everyone before they accidentally watch this video.

What I can say is that the teased Not a Hero DLC from the end of Resident Evil 7 is still on track for a release this year. If you've been eager to see how Capcom would be transitioning one of their classic heroes into a different perspective, then you'll get a glimpse of that below.

For everyone who hasn't beaten Resident Evil 7 (which includes me, sadly), I'd advise not watching the trailer. I'm not sure if the ending is worthy of such secrecy, but I don't want to potentially ruin the surprise for anyone. I'll also hide the trailer below another tacky image of Resident Evil. This is your last warning.

Capcom shows a glimpse of Resident Evil 7's 'Not a Hero' DLC screenshot