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Cartoon Network's We Bare Bears star in ARMS commercial

August 23, 2017 1 min read

Nintendo and Cartoon Network have teamed up to create a promotional advert for arena-brawler ARMS, featuring the stars of hit animated series We Bare Bears.

In the tie-in ad, Grizzly is seen struggling to defeat his brother Panda, before Ice finishes the housework and steps in to free him up. Git Gud Grizzly. The ad then awkwardly cuts to a standard ARMS commercial. It would have been much better to combine the footage, but there's probably some silly licensing reason why they couldn't.

Look, I'll level with you, I don't know what this show is, or if it's any good. Do people still watch Ren & Stimpy? I thought everything was all about Adventure Time now? And who's currently top of the hit parade? Is it One Direction?

There is an ARMS Global Testpunch happening this weekend, so don't forget to jump on that if you fancy trying the game out. Apologies for video quality, it's the best complete version of the advert I found.

Cartoon Network's We Bare Bears star in ARMS commercial screenshot