Catherine: Full Body gets another lewd 'n' lengthy trailer

November 01, 2018 1 min read

Atlus, has part of the ongoing "Sheep Week" festivities, has released a third trailer for their upcoming sexy-nightmare puzzler, Catherine: Full Body. The new preview is a compendium of almost everything we know about the new edition of the 2011 title.

Over the span of nearly four minutes we get to see clips from the game's batshit anime sequences, block-budging puzzle action (including the various "safety" mechanics being applied to Full Body), the competitive multiplayer mode, a glimpse of new girl Qatherine, and even the special edition contents AND the crossover Persona 5 DLC.

We also get to hear news about a bizarre new addition; the "Nero Glasses", which will apparently change the trio of female leads into their underwear during select sequences. What a weird gimmick. Despite being essentially a simple remaster at heart, Catherine: Full Body appears to be stacked with new mechanics, modes, story chapters and content, making it a must-buy for fans of the original.

Catherine: Full Body launches on PS4 and PS Vita in Japan February 14. A western localisation is confirmed for 2019.

Catherine: Full Body gets another lewd 'n' lengthy trailer screenshot