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Cblogs of 4/18 to 4/24/2020: Ico, Resident Evil 3, and where is Trauma Center?

April 25, 2020 2 min read

Cblogs Recap: Week 17


-Lord Spencerwonders "Where the Hell is Trauma Center?" in this retrospective , which looks at why the series disappeared and why it would be great to have it back.

-Taterchimp writes about his complicated relationship with the Final Fantasyseries, which came to a head during these COVID-19 affected days.

-OmegaPhattyAcidreports that the Hal0 2 Anniversaryedition limited Beta test is now live.

-Dangowrites about how The Last Guardiansurpassed his initial negative impressions and eventually won him over.

-Flegmareports on Xhuming Xplosive Top 10, a collection of Sega Saturn PC ports that I don't think was an official release.

-Black Red Gamingshares his thoughts on the Vigorbeta on the Nintendo Switch.

-Exberreviews the PSP version of Persona 3.

-Kerrik52reviews Ico, the first game by Team Ico,as part of his "Traveler in Playtime" blogging series.

-NareshKharthickreviews DOOM Eternal.

-Ocified-Xboxeris playing the critically acclaimed Controlbut is not feeling it.

-BlackAdlerreviews Kemono Heroeson the Nintendo Switch.

-Black Red Gaming continues raking the Saints Rowgames with this second part.

-Roagershares his thoughts on Streets of Rouge, an indie roguelike that he loves.

-Triggerpigkingwrites a critique of the latest DOOMgame.

-JoLoBirdexplores the good, the dab, and the unknown regarding the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

-Lord Spencerreviews Panzer Dragoon II Zweion the Sega Saturn as part of his "Saturn REVIEWS" blogging series.

-NareshKharthickreviews Resident Evil IIIRemake.



-Noterwrites about HoloVista, an application that allows you to "visit" fantastical 3D dreamscapes even while quarantine.

-PhilsPhindingsdiscusses the similarities between some tunes in Chrono Triggerand the music of Jimmy Page.

-Exberwrites about the nature of second chances in video games and that maybe that concept shouldn't be discounted in the real world.

-Dan Gallowayis reading Lovecraft again and is seeing its influence in some of the games he is playing now.

-OmegaPhattyAcidshares his list of TV recommendations to watch something in these COVID-19 times.

Cblogs of 4/18 to 4/24/2020: Ico, Resident Evil 3, and where is Trauma Center? screenshot