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Cblogs of 4/25 to 5/1/2020: Resident Evil, Splinter Cell, and new community pals

May 02, 2020 2 min read

Cblogs Recap: Week 18



-Shoggoth2588announces May's Band of Bloggersprompt, which is all about canceled games.

-Spazzzh20imagines how the pacific theater in World War II can make for a great Call of Dutystory.

-Gus TT Showbizand his friends are attempting to platinum Fallout 76and you can follow their journey in doing that.

-Gus TT Showbizin the second part of his Fallout 76odyssey.

-Niorshares his thought on playing Tristram which still scares him sometimes.

-Taterchimpannounces doing a Final Fantasy XIII charity stream today.

-JoLoBirdshares his list of Top 10 games and is inviting the Dtoid community to do the same in his blog.

-Black Red Gamingranks the Splinter Cellgames and tackles Splinter Cell: Blacklist here.

-Shoggoth2588responds to April's Band of Bloggersprompt with a blog about truly trollish moments in video games.

-LaTerryresponds to April's Band of Bloggers prompt by writing about the trollish levels in Mario Maker 2.

-Kerrik52proposes a grand unification theory between Resident Evil 4and God Hand, two games directed by Shinji Mikami.

-HyperbolebyDefault reviews Resident Evil 2 Remakeon the PC.

-Black Red Gaming shares his list of top 5 most anticipated games to be released this May.



-Lost Passwordhas unfortunately lost his great aunt (may she rest in peace) to COVID-19. Please stay at home if you can because that really helps curb the spread of this virus.

-PhilsPhindingsdiscusses the similarity between "Robo's Theme" in Chrono Triggerand the music of Rick Astley.

-Dan Gallowayupdates us on the media he is currently consuming in these COVID-19 days.

-Exbershares his thoughts regarding joining the Destructoid community in the past three weeks.

-PhilsPhindingdiscusses the similarity between the music of Terranigmaand the music of Bad Company.

-Exbershares a small poem he just wrote.

Cblogs of 4/25 to 5/1/2020: Resident Evil, Splinter Cell, and new community pals screenshot