Cblogs of October 2019: Discomforting Games

November 24, 2019 1 min read

The prevailing theme in October is usually horror games due to the strong influence of Halloween on pop culture. In keeping with Destructoid's annual tradition of blog writing in October, the theme is related to scary games. Just as this year’s "Hello Darkness" prompt suggested, it revolves around games that solicit feelings of dread and horror. However, are games of this genre the only games that solicit these types of feelings?

If you think about it, scary games are designed to be one thing above all, and that is to be as uncomfortable for the player as possible, while at the same time providing enough room for the players to willingly delve deep into the non-comfort zone.

It is clear that horror games are not the only games that can extract you from your comfort zone. Many games of different genres attempt their best to simultaneously upset and cajole the player to invoke alternate feelings of frustration and helplessness, while also providing moments of pure joy and victory. Some games, like Papers Please, don’t provide the slightest form of joy or release.

But outside of challenging games - which is a form of discomfort that is pivotal to gameplay to a certain degree - there are also those games that aim to harass the player in unique and inventive ways.

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