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Cblogs of September 2019: Living the Backlog

October 06, 2019 1 min read

Last month, I had my first vacation since May of last year. It only lasted for 20 days, but I finally had all day to myself. I even took a pause from Destructoid and the monthly recaps thanks to some great help by Sharukurusu who is actually the one who covered most of the blogs this month.

During my vacation, I didn’t play many video games outside of my 3DS and playing Yakuza 0 for a bit. Instead, I traveled to Europe to escape from the heat (I went to Scandinavia) and as such did not have much time for video games.

The fact that I didn’t have much time for video games in my vacation time did not escape my notice.

Before my vacation started, and just after it ended, two games I am really interested in were released: Fire Emblem: Three Housesand Astral Chain. That increased the number of games in my backlog list to 101. It soon hit me that I have lost control over my backlog and was now adding more games than I could finish.

I realized that I simply cannot finish my backlog.

Cblogs of September 2019: Living the Backlog screenshot