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Charity Calibur Character Customization Contest

October 28, 2018 1 min read

Early November. The trees get browner, the air gets colder, and the jingling of bells begins to become audible. And while the flames from the Jack-O'-Lanterns on our porch will be extinguished, our souls will still burn. And to celebrate that it's only going to be another 363 days until the next Halloween, we're holding our very own "costume contest."

Join us here Friday evening during the Giant Bomb Friends and Family Most-Of-The-Week™ Extra Life Stream. We'll be playing tons of games for the kids, but we also wanted to share a little love with our community.

From an alternate reality where Ash never lost a battle.
From an alternate reality where Ash never lost a battle.

To enter, simply take a screenshot or picture of your creation the home screen/editor and PM me (@benpack) the picture. I wish there was an easier way, but for a game with such a robust editor, there's no way to actually share characters with your friends.

We'll take a grip of our favorite characters and showcase them on stream for the staff to pick several winners. Each winner will receive a free month of Giant Bomb Premium, but everyone who is considered will win... something. Mostly anything goes when it comes to the contest. There is only one rule - don't be a dick. Take that as you will.