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Check your email for some bonus My Nintendo points

May 22, 2017 1 min read

It's a small thing, but a number of people who are registered with My Nintendo (myself included) have obtained an email asking them to take a survey, which nets you some extra (albeit useless) Platinum Points. Some of it is Switch related, but there are a few questions relating to the popularity of lesser known franchises like Rhythm Heaven and Luigi's Mansion. In all it'll probably take several minutes to finish, and you have until September 6 to do it.

Yeah, it's maybe not even worth mentioning, but I know someone out there probably really cares about My Nintendo and is 30 points away from something. I remember the pain of being a few coins short when that Luigi's Mansion Club Nintendo statue was revealed. Ah look at me, wistfully pining of the days of Club Nintendo. RIP.

Check your email for some bonus My Nintendo points screenshot