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Classic Tetris World Championships to air Sunday

October 22, 2017 1 min read

I've always loved watching Tetris matches because Tetris is one of the only games I can arguably defend as perfect. So, when you have an arguably perfect game, it's always amazing to see the best players in the world put their skills to the test.

Thankfully the Classic Tetris World Championships scratch that itch for me every year and after almost a full day of qualifying rounds on Saturday, 32 players have emerged from the scrum to test their might at becoming Tetris world champion.

The qualifying rounds had a bit of spectacle to them with Koryan maxing out his qualifying score, a feat that only Harry Hong has done since the competition switched to its current format. It is not surprising to see that the top five finishers from last year's competition have all qualified, but there are some new faces among the crowd. The full qualifying leaderboard, as well as tournament bracket, can be found below.

Classic Tetris World Championships to air Sunday screenshot