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Closed beta sign-ups for Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier are open

May 10, 2021 1 min read

If you've thought of yourself as SOLDIER material, the chance to virtually prove your mettle is coming. Registration is open right now for Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier's closed beta.

Square Enix has sign-ups open through May 27 at 8 a.m. PDT, after which a play period of June 1 through 7 will follow for those selected. You can pre-register on the Google Play Store, and you'll be notified if you make the cut—though Square Enix mentions that registering does not guarantee a closed beta invite. It's also only open for Android users; sorry, Apple fans.

If you need a refresher, Final Fantasy VII The First Soldieris a battle royale set in the universe of Final Fantasy VII, where SOLDIER candidates compete to be the last one standing across Midgar. While there are certainly guns, there's also plenty of more Final Fantasyoptions, like summoning Ifrit for help or using materia to get the upper hand.

It's a curious-looking battle royale, but between the chocobo attire and the Midgar locales these candidates are fighting in, it at least seems faithful. Those looking for more traditional Final Fantasy VII Remakecontent can instead look towards the most recent Intergradetrailer. The PS5 upgrade of Final Fantasy VII Remakegoes live on June 10, not long after First Soldier's closed beta closes.

Closed beta sign-ups for Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier are open screenshot