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Colt Canyon could satiate those looking for more Western action

March 31, 2019 1 min read

Indie, roguelike, and pixel-art. These three buzzwords have been increasingly prevalent in recent years. After the immense success ofThe Binding of Isaac, everyone and their mother started to jump on the roguelike bandwagon. Edmund McMillen wasn't the first, but his game popularized the genre, for better or worse.

That isn't to say other titles copyingIsaac are bad, though.FTL, Spelunky, Risk of Rain, Rogue Legacy, these are all fine examples of how to use the roguelike template to create a truly gripping experience. The mechanics of each game are strong enough to entice players back for another go, even if the level designs can rarely be memorized. They all have distinct art styles, too, so it's hard to confuse any of the titles with one another.

It's just that the genre (or sub-genre, if you will) has seen a deluge of developers throwing ideas at the wall that rarely stick. Roguelike brawlers, first-person shooters, racing games. Hell, battle royale titles are basically a modified take on a roguelike. Is there still anything left to be mined from the concept of procedural generation and permadeath?

Colt Canyon may not be reinventing the wheel, but it provides a unique enough spin on the genre that I may just need to keep an eye out for it.

Colt Canyon could satiate those looking for more Western action screenshot