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Come watch the 2019 E3 PC Gaming Show with us

June 10, 2019 1 min read

I've covered the E3 PC Gaming Show in its entirety since its inception (shoutout to the years I covered it with just Darren and another time I covered it with just Chris Moyse) and I swear it takes at least one year off my lifespan.

Although it has improved over time, the 15-minute ad "skits" are mind-numbing and many developers are keen to go on stage and spend 10 minutes showing a trailer they already showed previously, sometimes months in advance. Given potential sponsorship deals to keep a show of this magnitude alive, we'll probably be seeing more of the same: but hey, it usually outranks some of the more disastrous AAA publisher events that have much higher expectations when it comes to our reader polls.

Last year, the Drakes Cakes was the sponsor, and they brought along their mascot Webster to peddle sugary goods throughout the presentation. Having stared into the void of his eyes (and his neck hole, where the suit-wearer can see/breathe), I sort of started to go insane in a Lovecraftian sense. Webster was actually named in 1981 as a result of a consumer contest, which granted its winner a $5,000 scholarship.

Did you know that? It's amazing what video games can help us achieve. Oh, watch the PC Gaming Show with us this year too.

Come watch the 2019 E3 PC Gaming Show with us screenshot