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Comments of the Week 10: Double Digits

August 03, 2017 1 min read

The big 1 and 0.

This is the first real milestone of the new series of Comments of the Week, good ol' "CotW Number 10" - so far so good. Everyone hitting deadlines and compiling really well-structured blogs, ZombZ flexing his creative muscles, and FakePlasticTree whipping us whenever we fall behind schedule. It's been grand, and will (should) only get better from here onward.

For such a momentous week it is only fitting that I, TheLimoMaker, am the one to bring you the best comments of the week, whether they be profound or funny, because I have the best judge of what comments are the best. This is only because I have very low standards.

Comments of the Week 10: Double Digits screenshot