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Comments of the Week 14: From this time, unchained

August 31, 2017 1 min read

Hello my little sheep, FakePlasticTree here yet again to bring you this week's edition of Comments of the Week. I know this is sudden/random but here's some alcohol trivia to compliment the new theme:

Beer is a beverage that is made by fertilizing  malt with animal manure, as well as factory-made nutrients. Although, some breweries have found a way to produce beer by malting barley with human urine into a perfectly-consumable beverage. The beers themselves don't contain any actual human waste, only the necessary nutrients to make the malt grow like a normal beer. The manufacturers have dubbed it "beercycling" as it functions as a way of preventing attendees of various European Festivals from leaking into the wild, which harms the environment in the long term, but instead have them turn it into a valid resource for making more beer. Think about that next time you consume an eco-beer.

And that was the alcohol trivia of this week. Let's get to the comments!

Comments of the Week 14: From this time, unchained screenshot