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Community Showcase: 3/30/2019

March 30, 2019 6 min read

Banner provided by @therealtaaltos on Twitter
Banner provided by @therealtaaltos on Twitter

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, ZombiePie, am honored to once again be your host this week! With PAX East 2019 dominating most of the weekend, it has certainly been an "interesting" week for Giant Bomb. A skeleton crew kept the main office active as the rest of the team had fun at the convention in Boston. As it is the most common question when these sorts of events happen, yes, the Giant Bomb panel will be uploaded when the staff return. The Giant Bomb chat will also be up and running throughout the weekend for those that want to watch streams of the event on their own time with other Giant Bomb users. Speaking of which, let's address my one bit of housekeeping before jumping into the Spotlight.

  • The archive for Pat Baer's Improvised Postmortem is already up for your enjoyment. If you want to watch an endlessly hilarious panel with the likes of Jeff, Abby, Dave Lang, and many more, then you should give it a watch when you have the time.

Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run IX Announcement Thread

The Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run IX (By: @thatpinguino)

Hey everyone, it's time for Giant Bomb's spring-time community charity fundraiser, the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run! Use the link above and read what the early plans are for the event. Also, there's still time for you to join the fun!

Tweets Of The Week

Clips Of The Week

I Made A Trailer For The Shenmue Endurance Run (By: tacoparty)

After re-watching the series, Giant Bomb user tacoparty felt inspired to make a 3-minute movie trailer for Vinny, Alex, and Dan's absolutely hilarious Shenmue Endurance Run!

Giant Bomb Vs. The Most Competent NPC Of All Time. A Best-of Video Of The Left Alive Quick Look (By: minos83)

Over on YouTube, Made a video compiling their favorite moments from Giant Bomb's Left Alive Quick Look, including the "most competent NPC of all time!"

GB Project (Elimination Tag) (By: Shiftygism)

Does the state of the current WWE product have you down? Well, you are in luck because Shiftygism ran a hilarious Fire Pro Wrestling World simulation pitting the Giant Bomb staff against each other!

Giant Bomb Galleria

Alternate Beastcast T-Shirt Color Options (By: danauer)

Earlier this week, Giant Bomb site designer mentioned they had a few "alternate" color scheme for the new Beastcast t-shirt that did not make the cut. Here's what those color schemes were, and hopefully that light-blue option will once see the light of day.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

Matlock vs. Matlock (By: @carg0_0)

While watching the Ranking of Fighters episode "assessing" Fighter's History and Blood Warrior, Twitter user carg0_0 felt like the Giant Bomb staff missed out on the easiest joke in the world.

No Caption Provided

The Playdate Logo If/When There Are Technical Issues (By: @DigitalLogjam)

As many of you know, there were technical issues with the Giant Bomb Playdates this week. In response, DigitalLogjam made this hilarious banner even the engineers and design team could help but enjoy!

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Best Of Blogs

I hate everything about this picture.
I hate everything about this picture.

The Terrible, No Good Graffiti Of The Division 2 (By: Daavpuke)

After playing the game non-stop for one week, Daavpuke wants the entire gaming community to recognize how terrible Tom Clancy's The Division 2's graffiti can be in the game's world.

The Hidden Cost of Game Streaming (By: triznoy)

triznoy uses their latest blog to list and debate Google's recently announced Stadia platform and the "hidden cost of game streaming." Read why they do not view the Stadia as a positive representation of the future.

Top 200 Games of All Time - Part Seven! (By: PixelPrinny)

After a slight hiatus, PixelPrinny's "Top 200 Games of All Time" blog series is back! Their latest episode runs through what they think are the #140 to #131 best games ever made!

I am always in the mood for PixelPrinny's awesome photoshop skills.
I am always in the mood for PixelPrinny's awesome photoshop skills.

Peripheral Vision: An Analysis of Rock Band 3 (By: Gamer_152)

Moderator Gamer_152's retrospective on the rise and fall of Rock Band continues with an extensive look at Rock Band 3. Read why they consider it a game with a powerfully unique soundtrack that blurred the line between instrument and controller.

February/March Vita Lineup And Upcoming Titles (By: BlackLagoon)

After missing a month due to personal necessity, BlackLagoon is back with a blog post annotating every game that released for the PlayStation Vita, but this time they made up for missed time and did the lists for February and March!

The Good, The Bad, and The Mass Effect: Andromeda (By: JasonR86)

Giant Bomb user JasonR86 bought Mass Effect: Andromeda for a grand total of $7.49, and shares why they couldn't help enjoying the disaster piece even as they struggled to complete its more troublesome parts.

Was Rock Band 3 the beginning of the end? Read Gamer_152's blog to find out!
Was Rock Band 3 the beginning of the end? Read Gamer_152's blog to find out!

Saturday Summaries 2019-03-30: Sweet Seventeen Edition (By: Mento)

Mento's barely made a dent in 2017's video game output, highlighting here just how many worthwhile releases there were. They also continued their Warframe journal as a newcomer and looked at the horror game Simulacra.

Join The Discussion

There are a lot of fun samurai conversations to join this week!
There are a lot of fun samurai conversations to join this week!

Do You Think Sekiro Should Have A Difficulty Option? (By: Girafro)

Do you think Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice should have a difficulty option? That's the debate and poll that has the Giant Bomb community drawing battle lines right now! Join our discussion, and poll, using the link above!

Bad & Lazy Bosses In FromSoftware Games (By: soulcake)

Speaking of FromSoftware, Inc., do you think they get a pass on inconsistent boss design? The point of contention raised in this thread is that every game of theirs has more than a few crummy bosses.

I Finished Sekiro, Ask Me Anything (By: SecondPersonShooter)

SecondPersonShooter, and other Giant Bomb users, have finished Sekiro: Shadows Die Twicee, and are hosting an AMA on the forums! Ask what they thought of the ending, or how to beat the game's hardest bosses!

Bordelands 3 Officially Announced (By: reap3r160)

Are you excited about Borderlands 3 being announced?
Are you excited about Borderlands 3 being announced?

After years of teasing, Borderlands 3 is officially a thing! What are your main takeaways from the announcement trailer? What are your hopes? Share your answers to these questions by joining our discussion!

Two New Switch Models Discussion (By: andythemeZ)

There seem to be multiple reports stating that Nintendo is planning to launch two new Nintendo Switch models. What are your thoughts, and what do you hope these new models include.

Sony Changes Policy On Digital Downloads And Retailers (By: Acura_Max)

What is YOUR gut reaction to Sony announcing it will cease selling digital downloads of full retail games at third-party retailers? Is it a major blow to consumers, or a non-issue?

Generation Zero Released On Steam (By: stantongrouse)

Avalanche Studios' Generation Zero launched today! Did any of you pick up the Robot Apocalypse game? If so, share your formative impressions using our discussion thread.

Sounds like Generation Zero may have been a disappointment.
Sounds like Generation Zero may have been a disappointment.

Anyone Play Outward Yet? (By: TheAdmin)

Have any of you tried out the open world RPG with co-op and survival elements, Outward, yet? If so, join our discussion thread about the game using the link above!

Palate Cleanser Video Game Suggestions (By: TrevDX)

What are some modern-day examples of video game "Palate Cleansers?" Share and discuss your favorite examples of games that can get you through a though time or more serious games.

First Piece Of Hitman 2 Expansion Pass Content Out, Is A Sniper Map... (By: reap3r160)

Hitman 2's first piece of Expansion Pass content is out, and it is a sniper map! Some users are up in arms about this, but what do you think? Is it a fun mission, or a disappointment?

You ready to talk to video game characters?
You ready to talk to video game characters?

New Sakura Wars Trailer And Localization Announcement! (By: LentFilms)

A lot of Giant Bomb users seem incredibly excited about the new Sakura Wars trailer, but are you one of them? Regardless, here's a link to our discussion thread about the series' return to western markets.

Lovable Lists

More doggos is a good thing.
More doggos is a good thing.

Fighting Game Characters Who Are Basically A Dog (By: audioBusting)

audioBusting is working on what I can only say is the most "interesting" list this month! They are trying to list every time a dog was a playable character in a fighting game! Here's a link to their list, and help out if you can!

Useful User Reviews

  • vookatos uses their brief review of Baba Is You to discuss why they fully consider it an example of a "perfect game."
  • tacticalgiraffe's Tom Clancy's The Division 2 review justifies why they have spent the better part of two weeks playing the game, and why they have few regrets after the fact.