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Contest: Win a copy of Immortal Redneck!

March 02, 2018 1 min read

[Two days left, friends! Get your entries in by Tuesday!]

I'm trapped in an otherworldly, eternal realm. In this realm, I am unable to think. Breathe. Eat. Sleep. There is only one thing here:

Giving away games to Dtoiders!

Today we've got fifteen copies of Immortal Redneck (five apiece for Xbox One, PS4 NA, and PS4 EU) to give out. Resident ReviewBot 8000 Chris Carter recently used his complex cognitive algorithms to judge the game as Great, monotonously and robotically quipping, "Immortal Redneck's loop is dead simple: play some, upgrade, play more, buy the item that lets you skip past the mid-boss, play some, upgrade, then confront the final boss. But you know what -- it's a blast, and I never really thought of any of the above as work."

I guess you could say it's Chris-tested, ReviewBot-approved!

Contest: Win a copy of Immortal Redneck! screenshot