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Contest: Win Depth of Extinction for Steam

September 28, 2018 1 min read

I like contests. Do you like contests? Enter our contest forDepth of Extinction.

Man, this one brings back a painful memory of my gaming youth. We had a computer when I was a kid, and my dad had a copy of one of the old X-Com games (don't ask which one). I saw him playing it and was all like, "Yeah, this looks awesome!" So I taught myself how to boot up DOS mode on our Compaq, fired that bad boy up, and was instantly and horrendously destroyed by the aliens. I learned a powerful lesson that month of horrible trial and error -- some people should just stick with Sonic games.

If you're sitting back laughing at how hilariously bad I am at video games, then I think Depth of Extinction is just the game for you.

Contest: Win Depth of Extinction for Steam screenshot