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Control isn't coming to Xbox Game Pass (but it should)

December 05, 2019 1 min read

Xbox head Phil Spencer appeared on an Extra Life charity stream earlier this week. The guest spot was technically in honor of Halo: Reach's PC port, but the conversation was broad and touched on many Xbox topics. When Remedy's Control came up, Spencer said two things -- one correct, one incorrect.

On the subject of some of his favorite games of the year, Spencer gave Control a shoutout: "I thought Control was really good," he said. "It didn't reach enough people so I'm glad to see it's coming into Game Pass. Hopefully more people will play it because it's a game that should be played."

Spencer is absolutely right in stating that more people should play Control. It's Remedy's finest work yet because it's another example of the studio's mastery over suspenseful narrative, but beautifully blended with captivating action. It's the type of game that needs to be seen to be believed. Once you see it firsthand, it'll leave a lasting impression.

However, Spencer was wrong in saying Control is coming to Xbox Game Pass. Remedy, Microsoft, and publisher 505 Games have all released statements denying this inclusion. Here's Remedy's:

Control isn't coming to Xbox Game Pass (but it should) screenshot