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Cozy up to the dead with these recent Switch releases

October 25, 2018 1 min read

According to Irish folklore, Samhain is the day on the calendar when doorways between the land of the living and the land of the dead and other regions of the supernatural open at their widest. Over time, the day morphed into what we now call Halloween, a holiday where children's minds are filled with thoughts of monsters while they stuff their mouths with candy that will eventually kill their bodies. It is also the night when the most people on Earth can be found wearing slutty Luigi. The Yin and Yang, life and death relationship between teeth-rotting, blood sugar-spiking candy, and the horny Mario Bros. are just part of what makes this such a special time of year. 

If you're a Switch owner and you want to celebrate the day in a more off-beat way, these five new-ish games (most of which are also on PC) may do the "trick." Unlike most conventional horror stories, these titles don't always work hard to make you fear death. Instead, they allow the player to engage in contemplative, sometimes empowering relationships with the end of their lives, making them a perfect fit for Crom Cruach's big party. 

Cozy up to the dead with these recent Switch releases screenshot