Crackdown 3 now has a wingsuit and more achievements

June 28, 2019 1 min read

Fun traversal options are so critical to my enjoyment of open-world games. I've considered queuing Crackdown 3on a few occasions, but each time, I ended up downloading something else from Xbox Game Pass instead. With the latest update, I'm one step closer. Crackdown 3now has a wingsuit!

I'm not saying a humble wingsuit – and those standard old racing challenges – are enough to suddenly fix all of the game's problems, but there's a reason I hold the Prototypeseries in such high regard. Semi-mindlessly zipping through cities is my jam. That's Crackdown 3's best shot at winning me over.

Elsewhere in today's update, the developers have added the Clusterduck grenade, the Hellstorm Flare for air-strikes, the Agency Peacekeeper Beacon for calling in civilian backup, and the Elemental Forge. The latter opens up several melee weapons, ranging from an Electric Hammer to an Ice Mace.

With the new content comes new achievements, too. There are 16 extra achievements totaling 500 Gamerscore. I have to commend the team here – they're actually sticking with Crackdown 3.

Crackdown 3 now has a wingsuit and more achievements screenshot