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Crystal Crisis is worthy replacement for Puzzle Fighter

September 01, 2018 1 min read

As somebody who covers plenty of mobile games, I've seen my fair share of copycats. When some type of game makes it big, a flood of imitators is not far behind. It's disheartening to see, but sometimes it's absolutely necessary. When looking outside of the smartphone market, games that copy or mimic other titles sometimes come into existence because the developers or publishers behind those original products no longer care to support them.

Capcom and its Puzzle Fighter franchise is one such example. Though it was relatively popular in arcades and home consoles, Capcom didn't take the opportunity to transform Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo into a franchise of its own. With the failure of their mobile title Puzzle Fighter, I don't see a future for the formula with the company.

In these instances, I'm fine with games that mimic more popular titles. I encourage it even, because if fans can't get the original, then we might as well have access to a worthy substitute. And Nicalis' Crystal Crisis is more than worthy. In fact, it may be better than the original.

Crystal Crisis is worthy replacement for Puzzle Fighter screenshot