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Cuphead is getting a special free update on Xbox

July 28, 2020 1 min read

PlayStation 4 is getting an absolute gem of an indie game today. Nearly three years after launch, Cupheadis coming to PS4. That's not the end of the surprises.

Studio MDHR is working on a treat for Cuphead's earliest adopters. The Xbox version is getting free special update that includes a digital art gallery, behind-the-scenes commentary, and a playable soundtrack. It's like the bonus features disc in a DVD box set.

The special update isn't imminent. The developer says it's in "the early planning stages." Also, Studio MDHR is probably prioritizing work on the Delicious Last Course add-on moreso than a free update. But, whenever it arrives, it'll be a nice little touch and a tip of the hat to the platform that most heavily promoted Cuphead.

Surprise!! Cuphead is Coming to PlayStation 4...And It's Out Today! [Studio MDHR]

Cuphead is getting a special free update on Xbox screenshot