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Cuphead's creators answer our burning questions

August 10, 2018 1 min read

StudioMDHR just recently announced that Cuphead has gone triple platinum. Three million sales is no easy feat, but nothing about Cuphead is ever easy. It's always earned, and oh boy -- StudioMDHR sure earned those sales.

Earlier this year, Jordan and I went to Toronto to chat with StudioMDHR's Chad and Maja Moldenhauer. And that chat was in front of a sizable group of eavesdroppers. And we were talking into microphones. And then some people from the crowd started asking questions.

Okay, maybe it was more of a live Q&A session than anything else -- a pretty damn fun one at that. This was part of the EGLX festivities, which is the Canadian convention our parent company hosts. We already gave you some highlights to read, but we thought some of you might enjoy the full, uncut interview. 

Cuphead's creators answer our burning questions screenshot