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Curse of the Sea Rats is a new Metroidvania...with rats

June 02, 2020 1 min read

I'm always down for new Metroidvanias, and there's no shortage at the moment, including this new one from Petoons Studio: Curse of the Sea Rats.

The below trailer pretty much has it all. There's plenty of gameplay, as well as a look at the cutscene animation style, the multiple-character mechanic and of course: an evil rat that can summon bats and ghost snakes. The clip coincides with the Kickstarter launch today, which is asking for a respectable $16,690 goal with the intention of launching in April of 2021 on PC (Steam), PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

Amazingly, the Kickstarter clarifies that these heroes are notrats by nature: they were merely transformed into rats by a "pirate witch." "Transformed into rats by a pirate witch" is not just the hottest new metal band title up for grabs, but one of the coolest things I've been able to type out in 2020.

Although I'm shifting gears a little bit to mice now, I always thought a proper Secret of NIMH adaptation (akin to an adventure game) would have been pretty rad. There's a lot of interesting themes to explore, particularly when it comes to the novel (Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH).

Curse of the Sea Rats [Kickstarter]

Curse of the Sea Rats is a new Metroidvania...with rats screenshot