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Cyan is re-releasing the Myst series this year

March 17, 2018 1 min read

Cyan has something special planned for the 25th anniversary of its iconic adventure series Myst.

The developer says that while acquiring rights isn't always feasible (especially for an independent studio), it has "managed to finally talk to all the right people and departments and put some funding together to try to make it happen. With agreements in place, we're happy to announce that we'll be releasing updated (for Windows 10) versions of all the Myst games later this year!"

The 25th anniversary plans will also include a limited-time Mystcollection "in a unique package with a cool artifact," which sounds like a fantastic way to celebrate a milestone like this.

Cyan added that "there will probably be more adventures in the Myst universe." For now, though, 2018 is reserved "for remembering our journey" and continuing work on Firmament.

Cyan is re-releasing the Myst series this year screenshot