Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals are better: free games, SD card, or controllers

December 01, 2019 2 min read

Cyber Monday deals on the Nintendo Switch console systems are now live and they are a lot better than what we've saw on Black Friday. As of writing, both Best Buy and Walmart are offering strong bonuses when you pickup a Switch system online.

Both retailers are offering bonuses in the value range of about $35 to $45, with Best Buy offering TWO free games when you buy a Nintendo Switch Version 2. You'll get a free copy of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle ($15 value) and Starlink: Battle for Atlas Starter Pack (about $20 value).

At Walmart, two bundles are available: a nice deal on a Nintendo Switch Version 2 with two freebies: 128GB microSDXC memory card ($19 value) and an Ematic wireless controller ($28 value). The other bundle at Walmart is simply a Switch along with a free wired Ematic controller. They are listed at the same price so you should obviously grab the bundle with more goodies.

Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday Bundle Deals

You can choose between the Neon or Gray Joy-Con models, and the honestly the choices are pretty easy. If you want to try those games out, grab the Best Buy deal. If you don't really care for either of these titles, grab the Walmart deal with memory card and controller.

Both of these WILL go out of stock. So if you're reading this on Sunday night still - you may have a good chance to pick up a system.

We'll be updating this post with more Cyber Monday bundle deals on the Nintendo Switch as they appear, so check back regularly or let us know you spot something yourself in the comments below!

Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals are better: free games, SD card, or controllers screenshot