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Daemon x Machina is still being updated and it just added a new boss

December 01, 2019 1 min read

Daemon x Machina was deployed just a few months ago on Switch, and has been getting a decent amount of traction from mech fans. So much so, in fact, that the series is hosting multiple crossover events in Japan, including appearances from famed anime series Code Geass and Eureka Seven. The next collaboration may have been delayed to December 5, but it exists (again, in Japan).

As for the rest of the world, we're getting version 1.2.0. It's kind of a small update in terms of fundamentals, but big on content. We're getting a new boss (Zelcroa), as well as more Colossal Immortals (four in total, in Omega forms) and equipment. Note that the Omegas are basically remixed editions of existing enemies.

In addition to that aforementioned anime content in Japan, we're also getting more missions as the team over at Marvelous First Studio continues to add free stuff. Given the flaws with pacing, Daemon X Machinais a perfect game to occasionally pick up and play, and this free DLC only augments that strategy. I'm usually gripped enough to keep playing nonstop, but Daemon ended up being a "once or twice a week" affair for me.

Daemon X Machina version 1.2.0 update now available [Gematsu]

Daemon x Machina is still being updated and it just added a new boss screenshot