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DailyEsports is hiring, get paid to write about your passion

May 08, 2018 1 min read

Destructoid's future sister esports site is called DailyEsports.tv, a project our parent company recently acquired. It's day zero and we're staffing with a brand new editorial team.  Come help us turn this husk of a Wordpress blog into a daily source of in-depth esports editorial! We're hiring all positions, including news editors, features editors, copy editors, and managing editors. Contributors are being brought on today for a three-month pilot; all paid positions.

To apply simply press X to Jason Lepine, the acting EIC. There's a link there to our Indeed job site with all the details. You might also find me on there from time to time hosting a contest, so bookmark DailyEsports if you wanna win some cool stuff after we're done setting up Disqus.

For those about to apply, pro tip: Don't send a rambling email or huge resume with your humble time at Wendys. We love us some Wendys, but that doesn't give anyone any indication of how well you can write. Instead, send samples of your best work from your personal blog, reddit, whatever. If you have no portfolio, just publish something about the games they're focusing on in our cblogs first, and then apply. Good luck!

DailyEsports is hiring, get paid to write about your passion screenshot