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Dark Horse's Mario encyclopedia is coming West in October

February 19, 2018 1 min read

After finding success with the Legend of Zelda series, Dark Horse decided to take a crack at the equally iconic Super Mario Bros. series in 2015 with the Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia. This previously Japanese exclusive book chronicled all of the Mario releases from the original NES game up to Super Mario 3D World and included tons of concept art alongside maps of specific levels and small tidbits from the development teams.

Now you won't need to brush up on your Japanese, as the publisher has announced that the book is making its way West. You'll be able to nab the encyclopedia on October 23 for $39.99 and it will more than likely be getting a "collector's edition" package like the similar Zelda books have.

While I'm not typically a reader of such things, I love having comprehensive compendiums of my favorite game series. I have both of the currently released Zelda books (when the hell is that third one coming?), so I'll gladly grab this and not think twice about it.

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Dark Horse's Mario encyclopedia is coming West in October screenshot