Days Gone is adding New Game+ mode and trophies

September 05, 2019 1 min read

By popular demand, Days Goneis joining the ranks of big-name PlayStation 4 titles that offer New Game+ mode. You'll soon be able to hit the zombie-infested road all over again while retaining your gear and upgrades, and Sony Bend is also adding new difficulty options Hard II and Survival II alongside some related trophies. Be on the lookout for a free update scheduled for September 13, 2019.

Days Gone Syphon Filter bike

To transition into New Game+, you'll just need your save file to be past "I'm Never Giving Up."

As for what carries over, there's quite a lot: "weapons, bike upgrades, NERO boosters, skills, recipes, encampment trust and credits, collectibles, and trophy progress." Patches you earn in Days Gone's weekly challenges also work, so if you're going for a harsher difficulty, perks can make a difference.

These days, New Game+ seems like more and more of a staple, and I'm all about it. Days Goneis long as hell, but after you've invested so much time in a world and its characters, it's tough to say goodbye.

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Days Gone is adding New Game+ mode and trophies screenshot