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Days Gone will come riding onto PC May 18

April 15, 2021 1 min read

Sony Bend Studio has announced that its apocalyptic, open-world adventure Days Gone is coming to PC next month. The new port of the 2019 wilderness survival adventure will hit both Steam and Epic Games Store on May 18, priced at $49.99.

Days Gone tells the story of bad-times-biker Deacon St. John, as he rides through post-apocalyptic Oregon in the wake of a global pandemic that has left much of the populace in a feral, cannibalistic state. Days Gone blends third-person action-adventure with heavy crafting mechanics as Deacon attempts to thrive, or merely survive, in a nightmarish new era.

The PC edition of Days Gone will feature the original single-player campaign alongside the alternate Survival and Challenge modes. Several new bike skins will also offer alternate looks for Deacon's trusty bike. PC options will include support for ultra-wide monitors, mouse & keyboard control options, unlocked frame rates, and various graphical sliders that will allow for increased detail, longer draw distance, and multiple field of view options.

Check out these features in the new trailer below.

Days Gone will come riding onto PC May 18 screenshot