Dead Cells is still selling 'incredibly well' in 2019

September 18, 2019 1 min read

For a game so willing to crush you at a moment's notice, Dead Cellsis a surprisingly feel-good story.

Whether you first got into Motion Twin's roguelite action-platformer in 2017 with the Steam Early Access version, or you started playing the game during its 2018 launch, or you're just now picking it up this year, there's still so much left to see. I don't think anyone – not even its creators – expected Dead Cellsto have this much momentum. It's still being actively supported, and it will be for some time.

At PAX West, I spoke with Steve Filby of Motion Twin about how Dead Cellsis doing, what's on the wishlist for the rest of the year, and when, if ever, the developers will move on to something new.

Dead Cells is still selling 'incredibly well' in 2019 screenshot