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Dear Harvest Moon...

October 15, 2017 1 min read

My family used to be farmers. Did you know that? – Of course you didn’t. My family moved to the US to get away from a life of farming in the in the archaic death-scape that was the 1970s. Yet here I am, giving years of my life to your simulated agriculture.

I disgust myself.

That’s all the negativity I have for you. Not that there isn’t anything wrong with your games. On the contrary. Each successive game forgets the useful features of the last one and starts from scratch, leaving me with fantasies of a ‘super’ game that combines Parade’s part-time job feature, DS’ paused time indoors and Island of Happiness’ realistic and achievable objectives. Your difficulty careens dangerously between extremes from game to game and yet, here I am, hundreds of hours later. Farming.

Dear Harvest Moon... screenshot