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Destiny 2's raid challenges continue with the Gauntlet

November 08, 2017 1 min read

Right now, the main things to do in Destiny 2's PVE endgame are to get level 305, complete the hard mode (Prestige) Leviathan raid, and finish all four of its challenges. So far two challenges have debuted -- the Royal Pools (where you have to have to have one person stay in the middle pool/water area the entire time, giving you one less plate swapper) and the Gauntlet, which debuts this week.

For the Gauntlet, you'll now need to shuffle around more when you stand on a plate to open up the outside ring. In other words, standing on the same plate will fail the challenge, so you need several people to rotate around. With communication it's not that bad, even on Prestige mode.

Next up are the challenges for Pleasure Gardens and Calus, and then the next expansion on December 5. Right now Bungie is being very coy by saying it will include a "raid activity," and not outright confirming a new raid. Anything less would be a disappointment, but given that they used that phrase, I think that's what we're going to feel come December.

Destiny 2's raid challenges continue with the Gauntlet screenshot