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Destructoid Draws: Our video game struggles

September 18, 2018 1 min read

If there's anything that unites all dudes and dudettes, it's fear of failure. While it's often not as nerve-wracking as a sales pitch or your first concert, video game failure is terrifying nonetheless. Nobody wants to be that unfortunate soul stuck in a game that all your friends have already finished for months. Even worse is the idea of consistently being a shitty player in an online game, or posting video game footage on a public platform where it ends up being ridiculed by thousands of strangers.

Failure hurts. But the temptation to overcome the obstacles, to feel the pride of a seemingly impossible victory brings us back and back again. Thus we return to the old grindstone, hoping to finally climb the mountain, or defeat that impossible boss.

For this installment of Destructoid Draws, I asked people in the community to talk about -- and illustrate, of course -- their own personal video game struggles. Without any further ado, let's share these stories together.

Destructoid Draws: Our video game struggles screenshot