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Destructoid Draws: The Next Generation

February 16, 2019 1 min read

[ZombieCorps takes over the reins to a beloved community standard in art and expression, Destructoid Draws! From Smash characters to indie games, the community is a wealth of artistic expression just waiting to be converted to DeviantArtSonic the Hedgehog OCs. ~Marcel]

Greetings all, it's me, your best friend, ZombieCorps. Over the holiday season a certain beautiful blonde fish had hinted that 2018 would be the end for semi-regular feature Destructoid Draws. I could not stand to see one of my favorite community activities disappear. I have decided to take the reins and ride the high art blog into the new year.

The prompt for my debut was to take a sprite or game from the early days of home consoles and re-imagine how it would appear in a more modern setting. Let's get to it!

Destructoid Draws: The Next Generation screenshot