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Updated: Destructoid is hiring part-timers, send us your resumes

June 22, 2017 1 min read

[Updated: I've received over 100 applications!  We're going to divide and conquer to read all of these, please give us a week to get back to you. If you don't hear from us please don't hate me :(  I can't hire you all yet.  Thanks! ]

Real quick -- I have a few paid internship slots available right now. It's honestly not a ton of money, but enough to buy some booze and games now and then. Come work for Destructoid part-time for the fun and stupidity of being part of our counter-culture video games publication. You can drop fuck-bombs like it's hot, we're the fun one to work for!

And goddammit, can I get some female applicants? We have an 10:1 guy/girl ratio right now; it's like that time I converted the site to OK Cupid for April Fools and it was the most sausage I've ever seen.

What I'm looking for: loud-mouthed fearless gut-punching firepower that knows their shit. I'm looking for VERY opinionated people who can write original stuff. I don't need any more reporters or game reviewers.  Please send writing samples, podcast links, and YouTube videos to niero@destructoid.com.If you're already streaming on Twitch or can shoot/edit video and have a YouTube channel, that's a huge huge plus. If your friends describe you as loud and obnoxious and an asshole that's even better.  

Help me discover you already.  Get in touch!  Awkwaaaaaard.

Updated: Destructoid is hiring part-timers, send us your resumes screenshot