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Destructoid's concert kicks off at 8pm tonight

February 06, 2018 1 min read

Kind of a big deal: We're hosting the FIRST EVER Destructoid Battle of the Bands. Please arrive early as space is limited to a couple of hundred people. If you're arriving in elaborate cosplay we'll let you skip the line, we got you!

Cost: Free with your EGLX pass or $10 at the door

Featuring: Live music from You Bred Raptors?Arm Cannon, and Knight of the Round ... followed by a brief break... and taking you into the early hours of the morning we have two encore performances: Danimal Cannon and a deluxe set from GRIMECRAFT.

Saturday Night, March 10th
The Sheraton Hotel @ Ambrosia Ballroom

When:8pm - 3am 

See you there!

Destructoid's concert kicks off at 8pm tonight screenshot