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Diary of a 'speedrunner,' part 1

May 20, 2018 1 min read

So, speedrunning. We've heard of it, we watch the marathons sometimes, and we might even make a donation to charity in its name. Not much to talk about, right?

I mean, I thought that way for a while, and didn't quite get the fascination. Why play games as quickly as possible when you end up skipping half the story? How is it any different to standard streaming, and surely it represents an inflated sense of competition with no real aim at all? Who cares about wasting time playing through a game from start to finish, just to shave mere seconds off your time?

Then I watched AGDQ 2018 and changed my mind pretty much overnight. Within the space of, oh, four months, I went from finding the whole thing a bit silly, to signing up to volunteer at a different speedrunning event and being approved to do my own run. I went so fast I went dizzy.

But this isn't just a story about how I found speedrunning, why speedrunning is great and who you should be paying attention to during the upcoming marathons. This is the first part in a series, where I will be interviewing speedrunners, reporting on the event I'm attending in the summer (the European Speedrunner Assembly) and talking about how people come up with the best strats possible. I hope to jump face-first into speedrunning as much as I can, even as someone who has two left feet when it comes to natural gaming prowess.

Diary of a 'speedrunner,' part 1 screenshot